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We specialise in the sales, installation & setup of 4G/LTE & Satellite Wifi solutions in areas others can't reach including Rural Homes/Businesses, Rural Holiday Homes/Cottages and Static Caravans.

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4G/4G+ Wifi Installations: Rural Homes, Rural Holiday Home, Cottages, Rural Businesses and Holiday Static caravans covering the North Yorkshire Coastline.

FREE Wifi Surveys Our FREE Wifi surveys allow us to determine if 4G Wifi is a solution for you by testing connection reliability, connection speed, best network provider at your current location & the best hardware solution to get you connected

Metres of Cat 6 Ethernet cable installed: We only use full copper Cat 6 or above Ethernet cables for all our installations, upgrades or extentions...

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Holiday Guest Wifi Solutions: Holiday Cottage, Flat or Static Caravan

You may find that your holiday home (static caravan, lodge or chalet) is in a location where your parks WiFi connection is unobtainable or weak or your park doesn't offer Wifi, a 4G/LTE Wifi solution is a great alternative even if your unable to get a signal on your mobile phone..

4G/LTE is also a great solution for those who live or run a business in a rural area where normal broadband solutions can't reach, provide reliable speeds or reliable connectivity

Quick what is 4G/LTE Wifi?
In essence it's just like your broadband found in your home but instead of being provided via a telephone line or fibre line, 4G/LTE is powered by a mobile network provider and using our high gain external antenna/modem and a sim card, you can still access and enjoy,

  • Streaming Films/Music via your favourite app
  • Connect your Sky service
  • Wifi Calling
  • Live video services
  • Online Games
  • CCTV and security

Guest Wifi access For those who provide holiday homes for guests then another great benefit is that our Wifi routers can be setup for "Guest Wifi" which allows your guests to quickly connect to your wifi securely,and keep your personal wifi seperate and secure.

Our solution

Our business is to find you a solution so that you and your guests can get connected to Wifi, this is how we do this,

  • Provide a FREE 4G/LTE Wifi Survey at your holiday home/premises
  • Determine the best equipment for you to purchase and get reliable Wifi
  • Determine the best network provider for your location.
  • Advise the best location at your holiday home/premises for the installation
  • Offer our full guaranteed proffesional installation of your equipment
  • Setup your guest network if required and any other additional requests.

  • FREE no-obligation 4G Wifi Survey

    This takes place at your holiday home/residential or business premises, using our own equipment we will setup a test rig and check which is the best mounting location, which is the best provider and what typical speeds to expect. You don't have to be present as this is done without access into your holiday home.

    Branded equipment

    To enable you to have a 4G/LTE service we use a high gain external 4G/LTE antenna/modem, These antennas will pick up a 4G signal even when your mobile phone struggles. This will be installed along with your network providers sim card on the outside of your holiday/residentual or business premises

Once we have completed our survey we will then speak/contact you with our results including what speeds and reliability, what network provider, what equipment we wish to sell you and the total cost with installation and setup.

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4G/LTE Solutions

4G/LTE Solutions where others can't reach, Rural Holiday Homes, Rural Residential, Rural Businesses, Static/Touring Caravans.

FREE No Obligation Survey

We are happy to provide a FREE No Obligation 4G/LTE Wifi survey at your premises or holiday home to determine the best hardware solution for you.

Stream, Surf, Share

Dualband 2.4Ghz/5Ghz, 4 port Ethernet Wifi routers supplied allowing you and your guests to stream, surf and share. Secure logins for personal and guests

Third Party Installation Service

We also provide installation of third party equipment such as Starlink, 4G/LTE Antenna's, Poles Brackets Cabling and more. Please contact us with your requirements

Our Work

We offer a professional installation and setup service, we are proud of our work

LTE6 Installation

Primrose Valley

Touring Caravan 4G/LTE

Burton Flemming

LTE6 Wifi Survey

Primrose Valley

4G/LTE Wifi

Reighton Sands

Web 2


4G/LTE Looking good mounted on Static Caravan

Primrose Valley

Alternative 4G/LTE Antenna

Primrose Valley

4G Wifi

Cayton Bay

Wifi Survey Test Rig

Primrose Valley

Your Questions answered..

Do you provide Internet?

Answer: No - We provide and sell you the hardware (equipment) to get you connected via 4G/LTE Wifi. 4G/LTE is a provided by a mobile phone network provider such as EE, 3, Vodafone and O2, we simply survey your Residential/Business premises or your static/touring holiday home and advise you of the best equipment to use and quote you a price including installation and setting-up.

Will i need a Sim card?

Answer: Yes 4G/LTE Networks require a sim card in order to get your data the same as your mobile phone does. If we have completed a survey at your premises/holiday home then we would advise the best provider to use. the decision of what data package your require is left to you and your budget, if you rent your holiday home/caravan out then we recommend an unlimited data package.

Do I pay any other charges each month?

Answer: No With regards to your equipment(Antenna, Wifi router) you have purchased from JayNet and you may of also paid us for your installation, all that happens then is you pay your network provider each month for your data as per your arrangement with them. We do provide additional services at a charge such as Network provider change (Sim Change), Wifi MOT which includes upgrading firmware and software, checking cabling etc, relocation of your equipment and accidental events. pleasec contact us with your request and price.

Is your equipment locked into a single network provider?

Answer: No Our Antenna/Modem is open to all UK networks and Sim cards, using local data and our surveying we can determine the best network provider which will give you the best signal and reliability, we are happy to try your sim if there is any other network provider you wish to try other then we we have recommended.

What guarantees are there with regards to connection speeds?

Answer: None We are not able to offer any guarantees with regards to your chosen network providers download and upload speeds, as this is a wireless connection from your networks mobile mast to your Antenna's location, speeds will vary for a number of reasons including electrical interference, Network congestion (peak times),the weather & your network providers service status (hardware issues). This applies to all providers using Wifi as a source for the Internet whether its a local WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) provider, Starlink or Wifi from your holiday site there will unfortuntely be issues beyond anyones control.


Our customers say..



Jay fitted an Arial and set up my wifi on a router that I owned. He did an excellent job, very good price and he advised me beforehand what kind of speeds and signal I would have etc I am so happy hes honest....

Lisa Davies

28/09/2020 - Sunflower Lodge Primrose Valley

Simply Brilliant!! Fast friendly and efficient We now have superfast 4G WiFi The guests and owners are very happy and it took no time at all to install I would highly recommend Wifiguy Thanks Jay

Lee Michael Clark


We are very pleased with the fabulous service Jason delivers. He installed our router very quickly and professionally. He is honest and trustworthy. The internet in our holiday home now works wonderfully.

Nicola White


All work done quickly, cleanly and very professionally, internet signal is amazing, jay was great sorting everything out making for a nice easy job, I would definitely recommend.nicola(very happy customer)


Contact us for a chat and a FREE onsite survey (prices include VAT)

Third Party Wifi installation/servicing

£65.00 Estimate

  • 4G Antenna's, Wifi Routers, Starlink Mounting
  • Ethernet Cabling/Cable routing
  • Poles, Brackets
  • Fibre box relocating
  • Contact us with your requirements

Rural/Caravan Gigabit LTE18


  • High Gain External LTE18 Gigabit Antenna/Modem
  • Dual 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Gigabit Ethernet Wifi router
  • Secure Personal and Guest Wifi access
  • External Solid Copper Cat6 Ethernet Cable
  • Full installation/ Setup (includes poles, brackets,)
  • All work guaranteed, Hardware 2 years warranty

Our Core Services

Contact us to arrange a chat and discuss your requirements, we have your solution to your budget...

Guest/Hospitality Wifi

Guest Houses, B&B's, Cafes, Resturants, Pubs, Holiday Homes, Wifi for hospitality is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity. We know you want to offer your guests/customers the best complimentary Wifi & Internet, We can provide your solution.

Rural Home,Holiday Home Wifi Solutions

Wifi were others can't reach, we can provide solutions such as 4G/LTE, Starlink or extending your current Broadband solution to other parts of your Rural Home/Business so you can get connected.

Network Installation/Setup

Residential or small business

- Cat6/6A Cable or Fibre
- Patch Panels, Switches, Routers
- Cable upgrade, Service, Repair
- Network, RJ45, Fibre, Termination

We are able to install a fresh network installation or upgrade an existing one to your business requirements.


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I have been in the Networking, Internet/Wifi industry for over 25 years and have built an enviable reputation based upon professionalism, integrity and trust.

I started my career many years ago in the early 90's firstly working for small businesses building and supporting small networks then I moved on to a large reputable company where they launched the UKs fastest growing and largest Internet Service provider, There I supported businesses Wifi and LAN Networks for more then 10 years,  again from here moved on to other companies to the point I wanted my own business where I'm able to offer my services and experience to small businesses and home users.

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